Moving to Concurrent or Hybrid In Person Teaching

I’ve been teaching 2nd grade virtually most of the year. This week, I am back in the physical classroom. I have had small groups of students for intervention one day a week only, but now I am moving to teaching my whole class in two different groups in person. My personal situation is that I have two groups of students (one on Tuesday and Wednesday; one on Thursday and Friday). Some students in my homeroom are also in a separate SPED cohort in a different classroom in the building. For now, there is no mixing of cohorts, so I will continue see those students virtually. I am excited about the return to in person teaching, but it has been a ridiculous amount of work to prepare! I am such a planner, so wrapping my mind around all of this has been boggling. I am hoping a couple things I’m linking below will be of service.

Procedures Posters

These posters are now hanging around my room in related locations (hand washing above sink, tissue procedure above tissue box, etc.). I also put them into my first week plans below.

My First Week Plans

Only Procedures slides with directions and images for the first week

*I am moving my minilessons for content areas along each day, but there is significant repeat information from Tuesday on Thursday and from Wednesday on Friday. This slideshow template came from Slides Carnival, a favorite of mine 🙂

My Independent Work Slides

I plan to switch to more differentiated stations in the upcoming weeks, but for now I simply differentiated by whether they were at Home or School. Each of these will be 20-30 minutes for this week. Typically, I would do two 15-20 minute stations for Language Arts and Math each day, but right now, I’m keeping it minimal.

My Classroom Job System (for now)

I am hoping it works to have these as classroom jobs and that it will be feasible with the many mitigation strategies we need to follow. I am willing to adjust, but I absolutely love classroom jobs and how kids can help.

My Current To Do List

The original format of my To Do List is something I got from Angela Watson of the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club. I am a huge fan of the club, and I have adjusted these to do lists several times to make them work for me. She has a few free challenges that include her To Do List if you’d like to see the original.

I’ll write more coming up about what’s working for me in this setting, but I’ll leave it here for now. I hope some of this might help you out!


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