Moving to Concurrent or Hybrid In Person Teaching

This week, I am back in the physical classroom for in person learning! I have been wrapping my brain around all of this for awhile, and today I'm sharing my lesson plans for the first week back as well as procedure posters and a few other structures. I hope it helps someone out who is jumping into concurrent or hybrid teaching.

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Educational and Active Games for Social Distancing

In this post I explain 18 games or activities that are educational AND appropriate for a socially distanced classroom. These are all intended to be used within content areas. These will get your students moving, interacting, and thinking when they might be stuck at their desks throughout the school day. I hope a couple get you brainstorming!

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15 Ideas for Virtual Games and Community Builders

If you're teaching online/virtually or concurrently/hybrid, I hope at least one of these 15 ideas will inspire you! There are several free templates linked here to get you going. Have fun! Laughter is the best medicine. Spread some love to your students and build that classroom community no matter the circumstances.

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10 Ideas to Make Your Own Math Games

I love hands on math activities. While you can purchase games, these are 10 easy structures that can be used for any math content at any level. You just need a few materials to create your own activities for the classroom. I promise it's better than a worksheet!

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Virtual Stations

I love teaching with a workshop model, and I love teaching in small groups. Stations are so much fun to me. I love feeling like the class is shifting in time and being productive. I wanted this virtually, too, but how? I knew what I needed to get started. Here are some ideas for how to get going and what kids can be doing while you're with small groups. I'd love to know how it's going for you, too.

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11+ Free Math Resources for In Person or Online

Number Sense Routines have become my passion. Over the past couple of years, I've been exposed to more and more websites with so many free resources. Now, I am obsessed! There is so much variety. I love how these routines and puzzles teach students so many skills. Most of these could be used in an online environment, so no matter how you're teaching this year, these will work for you!

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What are you already doing?

This year held some regrets for me over what I wish things had been. I had to change paths and reroute so many times, but I am proud of the way I responded to change. There are a lot of great things I did this year with students. They learned. I know what I did mattered to the kids in front of me. I have already done a lot this year. I bet you have, too. Give yourself some credit.

Bullet Journal Love

I love my Bullet Journal! If you are a Pinterest browser like me, then you've probably seen many gorgeous journal pages. One quick search of #bujo will elicit a ton of images, designs, graphs and charts, calendars, and to do lists. I love my Bullet Journal because it is so many things to me. My bullet journal is my planner, my contact list, my post-its in a book form, my scrapbook, my calendar, and my diary. It can do whatever you need!

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