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Google Classwork
How to See Classwork and Grades in Google Classroom

These directions are for navigating grades, work to be completed, and missing work. Editable for students and parents.

Four Corners
Sample ideas for answering multiple choice questions with movement

While the traditional four corners game is different, I find this a helpful structure for livening up the classroom atmosphere

Color Symbol Image About Me Slides
Google Slides

Use this as a collaborative google slides (give everyone edit access in an assignment in Google Classroom) to share.

Job Cards for Desks
What it looks like in my classroom

This picture takes you to my 6th grade job list cards, but you can see more on my post on Classroom Jobs.

Array Chats
Compiled list from Twitter #arraychat

I pulled these photos together in one place for myself. They’re all publicly shared elsewhere. I wrote the expectations slides.

Classroom Cookbook
A Google Slides template for a mini-project to get to know families. If you do not like the idea of giving everyone edit access, just have them complete their 2 slides separately and then you can copy and paste them into one big presentation. I am planning to have my students brainstorm in a google doc first so they won’t lose their work in the transfer.
I Have…Who Has…?
Use this google form template (will force to make a copy; you can view by clicking the image) to give each student an “I Have…Who Has…” virtual card. Then, they can use it to play whole class. The way this is set up, they only get the one card for their name only. They won’t see what any other student has.
Interview Questions
This slideshow is set up so that each set of partners has their own slide to take notes. The idea of this would be that students partner up in real life or in breakout rooms, discuss, take notes…Then, the whole class comes back together and students share out loud what they learned about their partner.
Daily Google Slides
My lesson plans and agendas for Distance Learning

Hopefully, you can get some ideas for online morning meetings from here! Feel free to ask me about any of it.

Bingo Cards on Google Slides
Morning Meeting/Classroom Community Activity

These google slides cover favorite foods, activities in different seasons, and a COVID-19 related one for older students.

Digital Reader’s Notebook
Free; posted on TpT

I find reader’s notebooks to be incredibly useful in Google Slides. This should give you some ideas for several texts/novels.

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