11 Ways I changed my thinking

Over my years of teaching, I’ve changed my thinking on many things, and I’m glad that’s the case. Sometimes these changes of thought happen more gradually than others or sometimes it makes so much sense I think I must have believed it all along. Today, I’m trying to dig deep into those histories of thought patterns.

1. Classroom Management

2. Bad Behaviors vs. Bad Kids

3. Raising My Voice

4. English Language Learners

5. Special Education

6. Team Teaching and Push In (or Pull Out) Support

7. “Good” Teachers

8. Teaching Math

9. Phonics (and Phonological Awareness, Phonemic Awareness)

10. Equity

11. Time Management and Hours Worked as a Teacher

I am confident that reflection is a powerful tool for educators and all people. I must reflect on my practice and try to figure out why I think the way I do. There has been discussion about “doing the work” in terms of anti-racism, and that’s so important because it’s woven into everything we do as educators. We’re in the people business. We need to examine our beliefs and constantly make room for ourselves to grow not just in learning new tech tools for distance learning. I want to interact with others in a way that creates a better world.


2 thoughts on “11 Ways I changed my thinking

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  1. Hi,

    Your blog, wisdom, and advice is amazing.

    I have been reading and contemplating your stuff this past afternoon for about 3-4 hours and I am a huge fan, not only of the content, but also the way you shape your words.

    Reading your various posts, I believe, has shown me a lot of things that I want to improve as a teacher.

    Thank you.


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